Empowering Archery (Part 1 & 2) - Code EA-39

Empowering Archery (Part 1 & 2) - Code EA-39

Dates & times:  The Empowering Archery (Part 1 & 2) workshop will be delivered over 4 weekly sessions:



Thursday, 7th October – 7pm-9pm (First Session)

Thursday, 14th October – 7pm-9pm (Second Session)

Thursday, 21st October – 7pm-9pm (Third Session)

Thursday, 28th October – 7pm-9pm (Fourth Session)


Cost:   £50


About the workshopEmpowering Archery focuses on how we can create the best environment to optimise people’s experiences, retain them in archery, and help them achieve their goals.

By attending, you will know how to create the optimal environment for the people you are responsible for in your archery club.


On the workshop you will take an in depth look at the following content:

·         ‘Empowerment’ is a word often used, but what does it mean?

·         What makes an empowering interaction?

·         What are the different types of motivation and why is this important to know?

·         What are the features of an empowering motivational climate?

·         How can you create a motivational climate that enables others to achieve their personal goals?

Our work is underpinned by established research on motivation and also specific research in archery. It is delivered in partnership with the University of Birmingham.


(Note for coaches: This workshop is worth 5 cpd points as part of your coach license renewal. It is also an integral part of our forthcoming Session Coach and Development Coach courses. Once completed, you will not be required to complete it again if you choose to attend these coach training programmes).


What you need to attend:  You do not need any previous experience to attend this workshop, but it will help if you have experiences to draw upon such as a coach or club volunteer.  There will be approximately 12 learners in attendance, thereby creating a personalised learning experience and providing opportunities for you to interact with the course deliverer and the rest of the group.


Technical Guidance for Joining the Event:  We are using a webinar format to deliver the workshop. To optimise your experience, before booking please ensure you are equipped to join by reading our Technical Support Guide for Attendees.


How to attend:  Once payment has been made for your entry fee, you will receive a payment confirmation email with instructions on how to join the online course. We are using Zoom to host this course. 

If you have any questions about the workshop, please e-mail [email protected].

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